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Art exists everywhere even in the most pragmatic people and scenarios---as an artist myself I am looking for someone to appreciate my dramaqueenishness but also have a calm coolness to balance me out...

But a talker who will think about things and talk to me and inspire me as an artist is vital and essential..negative side of my personality is to be 'fine' or all that that entails...(f--ed up, insecure, neurotic and emotional) and sometimes I think I scare people away with my intensity, and only another artist may be able to truly love and appreciate me for all that I am....

Those with a creative bent seem to see things in a different light than the average person. Creative people just seem to have a slightly different take on whatever they do. Many people feel intimidated by "artists" , I think that is a learned thing. I was married for 23 yrs to a non-creative so I guess it is not a pre-requisite. I'm very creative, and I draw, and paint..I love being around other creative/artistic people.

I have read that sometimes to artists’ pair up and make a great team. It creates an awesome synergy which can be inspiring.

Of course, this isn't ALWAYS true either, but generally speaking that's been my experience.

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As cliche'd as it is, opposites do attract..can help all you nerds have more fun, while you help us remember our appointments and such! This is one of the most interesting posts I’ve seen here for quite some time. Because an artist doesn’t paint, draw, or sculpt for the money they do it because they have to.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. The world's full of very creative, and very artistically talented, people (writers poets, composers, painters, scultptors etc).The world's also full of those of us, that have little, or no, creative talent.Have you had relationships with artistic and/or non-artisic people?and did you notice a difference in compatability between the two?

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